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This SPECIAL TIPS is brought to us by: GNOMICSTRIP!

1. Be mindful that a notepad and a pen/pencil or any piece of paper are handy tools. Get one of those pocket sized notepads and bring it with you all the time.

2. Put your gadgets into good use, it’s always best to have access on your notes wherever you are. Find apps and safe storage online that you can access through different devices.

3. Leave yourself a message like, “Hey dummy, in case you forget, here is your million dollar idea.” Don’t worry nobody will think you are crazy as long as you keep your messages to yourself.

4. In some cases when you don’t have a clear view of your idea, just “take note of it,” look at it from different perspectives. We do get trapped by our own thinking. If still cloudy you can review it at a later time or ask help from others for an alternative point of view.

5. Use colored pens or any marker to outline your BEST ideas! Remember highlighting those pointers you have in high school while copying notes? Also, do not be afraid to rub out what you think is not needed. Not all of our ideas will be converted to art. REMEMBER…you need to trust your gut feeling most of the time.

Here is an EXTRA TIP for awesome readers — READ YOUR NOTES DAILY! It will serve as good practice before putting those ideas to work!

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