Got the time to work on Mingki again, and I made a few changes with the appearance, mainly on the level design based on my tilemap.  The image of a screenshot below is level one.  The one on the left is the previous and the one on the right is how it looks at the moment. I feel having to make it plain and simple is what makes it closer to “minimalistic” style, like what I wanted primarily.  I got rid of the platforms with irregular shapes and replaced them with just plain flat ones. You can click the image for a larger view.

For decorations, I added trees. Who doesn’t like trees? These are the ideas I had in mind and tried making it using Inkscape. It’s still a work in progress but I think I’ll go with the triangle ones with the gradient (below) instead of the curvy ones with orbs (top).  I think it matches the overall look better.

On enemies, the initial mechanic is to just avoid and not let the player touch or collide with the enemy. If you do, you lose a health point.  Same mechanic applies to the spikes (of course) or any thorny obstacles I might add as the levels increase.  However, when I was working on level 5 which is the first Boss Stage, it got me thinking — how would I be able to defeat the boss if the player only knows how to jump and avoid?  So I settled at least for now, that I will enable the player to jump over the enemies’ heads, like in Super Mario, to defeat them. Classic platformer gameplay usually works. My other option is to let the player shoot projectiles to hit enemies, but that seems too easy and I think I’ll avoid that xD.

This design for the first boss stage (level 5) is aimed to be easy with no learning curve progress. It’s a straight run from left to right with the boss at the end. This time you need to defeat the boss as he will drop the key for the portal to appear. After the boss jumps, a spike will fall from above which you need to avoid in addition to the boss moving.  I made the boss movement and spike fall random so the boss won’t be that predictable. Randomness ftw!  (E stands for enemy in the image below)

This is probably the easiest level aside from the boss part. This is the first boss of the game, so the boss battle here is not that difficult but not too easy as well. You just need to time your jumps right.

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