I have been quite busy with creating 3d assets for a few weeks now, so I have little time to work on Mingki, my platformer “study” project for the Construct 2 game engine.  Today I worked on the level selection screen, with about 16 levels in mind, but of course would like to add more levels in the future.  This is how the level select screen looks like at the moment, and I am quite happy with it.  Sometimes I tend to go overboard and maybe a little too excited and results to adding a lot of excessive design elements. Then I remind myself that I needed this to be simple and minimalistic.

I also changed the background decorations (again) from silhouette trees to glowing hexagon-like plants.  Since the elements of the game such as the player, enemies, and the platform itself are already silhouettes, the only parts in color would be the main background, and then the decorations which in this case, plant-like shapes.  It would also be easier to add colors of these plants if I would like to.

This is the first boss stage.  Once you enter the area, a door will be triggered so you can’t get out!  If you notice I also added in the boss’ health bar and the pause menu on the upper right. This is not the finished sprite of the boss though. Just for placeholder.  I need to think about what the boss really looks like and I’m still sketching it. Lol. As with all of the enemies, you need to jump over the boss too, to kill it.

In the meantime, working on level 6 until 10.  😀

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