A few weeks ago I started making a simple side-scroll platformer. I’m calling it “Mingki” just because. In this study, I will be using Construct 2 which is a HTML5 game creator designed for 2d games. It requires no coding since it uses an intuitive event system.  Basically, choose object > create condition > create action. You can drag and drop images in the editor so it is quick in creating prototypes.

Of course, just like most gamers, I’m a fan of old school games like the Super Mario series on NES and Tiny Toon on Gameboy, so in a way I’m building my mechanics around those games, but not necessarily copying everything.

Here is a sketch of the main menu screen.

I’ll be using tilemaps for designing the levels in this game. Tilemaps would be the best option for me (I think) since tilemaps are optimized compared to using a lot of individual sprites for creating the ground, platforms, etc.  Since it’s the first time for me to make a platformer in Construct 2, I will make sure I need to know and practice optimization so it runs smooth later on as I add more levels and images. The Scirra forums definitely is a lot of help, as well as the tutorials page on the Construct 2 site, pretty much all you need to do is search. For this project though, I found this series of platformer tutorials really helpful and gives you a lot of tricks and a mine of information about creating platformer games in Construct 2.  This is from the Scirra youtube channel found in this link. You can also check the instructor’s channel here, which really gives a bunch of cool tips and tutorials!

I want this to have a minimalist design as much as possible.  Since this project is basically a “study” and at the same time learning the engine, I don’t want to give too much time on the visual side of things.  Being a fan of minimalist mobile game designs like Limbo,  I too, want to give it a try.

This is the main menu.  At first, I thought giving it a warmer, yellowish look is good, but when viewed on my phone it turned out like looking at a lamp than a game, so I opt for a more low-intensity, blueish background to avoid eye strain.

Here is a crappy screenshot of a crappy doodle of the first few levels. Plot twist: once you start shaping your tilemaps to create the environment you will notice that sometimes you don’t have to follow exactly what is on the draft.

First level should be easy, so I made Level 1 just a small layout with straight movement from starting point to end point, which is from left to right of the screen.  So the goal is to look for the key then a portal will appear, enter it and it brings you to the next level. Pretty simple. The small blue square on the far left is where the player will spawn. The grid you see is of course not visible when running the game.  xD

Well, let’s stop here for now, because surprisingly I’m sleepy xD. I’ll be updating this project probably on a weekly basis, and tackle changes and improvements as well as blockers I need to solve.  Ciao!